Mudefri is a permanent setting of design exhibitions that can be visited by everyone and always through visits and virtual tours.  It has been the forerunner of online museums.

The Museo del Design di Friuli Venezia Giulia (MuDeFri) is a virtual museum. And yet, while residing entirely on the web, its foundations are rooted firmly in reality.  Founded thanks to a crowdfunding, is inspired by the principle ‘think globally, act locally’, MuDeFri organizes design exhibitions on current design themes featuring products from around the world. Its collections however, showcase only the best of Friulian design.  Why? Because any 'definitive' history of design should represent the sum of all design industries, not only here in Italy, but worldwide.


Italy’s productive sector is predominantly composed of small, extremely flexible businesses that work closely with architects and designers. Indeed, many were founded by men and women who were not simply entrepreneurs but passionate inventors in their own right.


How does one track down these stories and ensure they are not lost to history?  This is yet another reason for the birth of MuDeFri. Our mission is to provide a virtually limitless, zero footprint space in which to recount the minor and major industrial revolutions that changed the face of Italy anf Friuli Venezia Giulia too.


“Culture and information are values that neither years nor epidemics fray and instead, with time, increase in importance. Like a tree that lives and grows if it has healthy roots in good soil, design also develops, grows and spreads taking care of its memory that substantiates it".


[Cristina Morozzi, journalist and design critic]

To collect and divulge, to select, preserve and narrate. Never as today we should understand - and appreciate - the role of Internet in becoming the preferred media to express the need for culture declined in its various fields. Although this has now become a common practice, the forerunner of this trend was the Museum of Design of Friuli Venezia Giulia (MuDeFri), with its system of exhibitions conceived “ad hoc” and exclusively for the web, giving voice - a 'digital voice' - to design as a practice deeply established in the territory and its history, in the most authentic meaning of Made in Italy.  Here you can find out how industrial design objects were born; Mudefri includes samples of both the large and small series, the unique piece and the artisan production: a selection of the pieces made with care and attention, representative of the productive tradition of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Italian design.

"It’s crucial to bring the culture of beauty into everyday life, to make known the quality of the project on which the products that improve our lives are based. And so realities like Mudefri, with its task of spreading bits of  knowledge, help to make people more aware of beauty and to appreciate it".


[Patrizia Scarzella, architect, teacher, writer]

“Mudefri is a small museum reality, combining history and digital, territory and anthropology. The Museum of Design of Friuli Venezia Giulia is the fresco of everyday objects, the portrait of a society in space and time, the novel of countless lives from past, present and future".


[Virginio Briatore, design philosopher]