storia, design del progetto, rivista Epoca 1018, 29 marzo 1970, Expo Osaka 1970, FVG

how is Vetroresina©


Despite the fact that VETRORESINA© nowadays has been technologically “superseded” by other better performing materials based on carbon, aramid, basalt and other fibres, we still find it used in many applications for which its structural, mechanical and chemical-physical properties are more than adequate. The list of objects still manufactured from VETRORESINA© is long and there are various techniques used to manufacture them (compression moulding, pressure chamber moulding, reticulation in autoclave under pressure and/or vacuum, winding thread or impregnated yarns around mandrels, overlapping-stratification, spraying, spreading, extrusion, pultrusion, injection, etc.)

The main objective of the world fair held in Osaka was to focus the world’s attention on the civil progress achieved in the participating countries. The Italian pavilion exhibited four iconic vehicles:
the Giacomo Agostini MV Agusta 500 motorcycle, the 1899 Fiat 3 1⁄2 HP, the Ferrari Modulo by Pininfarina and the two-man bobsleigh that won in the Grenoble Winter Olympics in 1968 with the Monti – De Paolis crew.

Eugenio Monti, bob a due, Olimpiadi Grenoble 1968, Expo Osaka 1970, FVG

Today companies manufacturing bobsleighs also make use of studies carried out to improve motorcar aerodynamics. The United States bobsleigh team collaborates with BMW, taking advantage of its wealth of experience gained in designing and engineering mass-produced and racing cars.

Eugenio Monti, bob a due, materiali sintetici, sport, oro Olimpiadi Grenoble 1968, equipaggio Monti – De Paolis, Expo Osaka 1970, FVG
storia, design del progetto, rivista Epoca 1018, 29 marzo 1970, Expo Osaka 1970, FVG
copertina catalogo ufficiale, 29 marzo 1970, Expo Osaka 1970, FVG

In the 1018th edition of Epoca dated 29 March 1970, there is an insert on the Italian goods displayed at the Osaka Expo. Right: the cover of the official Expo catalogue.

Disco Volarnte, resteel Benars Udine, FVG

There is also a bobsleigh prototype completely made in Friuli, developed by the University of
Udine in 2009. After almost ten years, it is still one of the best models in terms of aerodynamics.

prototipo Università Udine, aerodinamicità, 2009,