In the last three decades of the last century and in the current millennium Mauro Pasquinelli has operated almost exclusively in the Friuli area.  Episodic exceptions are the collaborations with Tisettanta, company based in Brianza, near Milan and Misura Emme in Como.

Looking carefully at his large production - ranging from kitchen chairs, chairs for  community and meeting -, it can be detected "an idea of professional knowledge" which proves to be a professional ethics to design.


Manufactured by Pallavisini
Beech wood chair

Hoppis is the rare case of perfect alignment between legs, seat and back. It represents the first real example of collaboration between Pasquinelli and Pallavisini. Unripe fruit of an author still looking for its own voice and its own coded ergonomic rules, the chair stands out for the neatness of the overall design - which could be defined as "minimal" ante litteram.

The system matrix is the "convex" rectangle - slightly curved on the front and the back – that outlines the sitting and consequently sets the curvature of the backrest. This is topped by a curved wooden beam fashioned to low polycentric arch. Already fully "authorial" is the slender effect of the whole, achieved thanks to the reduced thickness of the backrest and to the absence of the beams between the legs  which ensure the visual dominance of the vertical lines.