Simona Martino, Irene Beltrame and Andrea Giacomelli.

Simona Martino studied Architecture, then worked as free-lance architect with Michele De Lucchi's studio among others. She founded Craftabile Srl in 2015. "We are three members: myself, Irene and Andrea.” - she says – “Our company started from our  passions and our skills in the fields of design, creative craftsmanship and new manufacturing technologies. We are interested in studying the learning processes: our attention is focused on the value of doing in order to grow and improve. For this reason, we can say that our work vision combines the Montessori’s vision - the child builds his personality interacting with the environment - with the values of craftsmanship as pointed out in modern sociology. We work together because we are convinced that networking accelerates development, innovation, quality of services and products, social well-being."



2017, selected by Confartigianato-Imprese di Udine as one of the most innovative craft company.