At the Design and Architecture Galleries of  Udine Museums you can play with RICICLALA! a project by Il Vespaio edited by COREPLA.

At the  Design and Architecture Galleries of  Udine Museums visit  "MUSEUM INSIDE THE MUSEUM". You can entry the Museo del Design del Friuli Venezia Giulia virtual pavilion wearing the VR and see the new exhibition Donne al Bauhaus, set up for Udine Design Week. The exhibition is curated by Anna A. Lombardi. Set up by Daniela Sacher and Serena Midolini. Virtual Tour by Design33. 

To experiment a new way to enjoy culture.


In partnership with the branch of Architecture of the Advanced 3D LAB of the polytechnic Department of Engineering and Architecture of the Udine University

Coordination Professor Alberto Sdegno, assistant Miss. Silvia Masserano and Veronica Riavis.

In the courtyard and in the room of the Design and Architecture Galleries there are thoughts and sketches of POSSIBLE WORLDS edited by schools that participate in Udine Design Week.

Which world do the teenagers dream?

MAGIC WORLDS, WORLDS WHERE YOU NEVER GET TIRED, PERFECT WORLDS, WORLDS IMMERSED IN NATURE, WORLDS WITHOUT WORRIES, but there is someone who thinks of a NEW BEGINNING and a GREEN WORLD. Often in name of the evasion and the health seem to be the mirror of a period where the passage to the adulthood happened in special circumstances like the ones, we have seen in the last three years.


You can see the works of the class 4C Graphic and Communication of the IT G.G. Marinoni in virtual reality by scanning the Quick Response codes from your mobile phone.

Students from the Liceo Scientifico created a guest book on the theme MONDI POSSIBILI (Possible Worlds) in which their printed sentences were supplemented by comments from visitors to the Sustainability Room in the Design and Architecture Galleries.

Last year, students from ISIS Raimondo D'Aronco in Gemona documented Udine Design Week in a booklet. They will do so again this year!