The theme of Udine Design Week 2022 is POSSIBLE WORLDS/WAYS:

possible worlds and ways to make them real.

Worlds that we can imagine as doable and worlds that we only dream.

Between real and virtual, the ways to realize them.

Companies, shops, designers, students, all the participants have been asked to reflect on this.

In 2021 we reached Mars and the space has become a tourist attraction; we have seen a house set on the red planet and modular housing unit to stay between the Earth and the Moon; the vehicles don’t have drivers and soon they will fly mid-air to avoid traffic; between science and science fiction, game and reality there is technology, which reverberates on every human activity. This allow us to meet remotely, it shows us things and places that aren’t material, it provides us with intelligent materials. Yet we collapse under mountains of garbage, nature revolts against us, war and destruction are daily under our eyes and the yell of humanity is often unheard, in the name of the superstition, ignorance, hate. They are two conditions that inevitably flow one after the other, creating inside the creative mind’s the vision of many, different possible worlds that range from the past to the present. Very real, very imaginary.




Inaugurazione / Opening

Sabato 5 marzo 2022 ore 16.00

Gallerie del Progetto  

Palazzo Morpurgo Valvason

via Savorgnana 12, Udine


Installazione Mo(n)di Possibili / Site specific installation

a cura / designed by the student of / Istituto Tecnico Marinoni

nel giardino di / in the garden of / Palazzo Morpurgo Valvason

sempre aperto / open 07.00 - 19.00 

Stanza della Sostenibilità e Stanza della Tecnologia / Sustainability Room and Room of Technology / Gallerie del Progetto / Architecture and Design Galleries /

aperto sabato e domenica / open only the week ends / 16.00  - 19.00


Visite guidate / Guided tour by the students / "Ciceroni del Design",  Liceo Copernico

8, 10, 15 marzo 2022 ore 9.30  - 11.30

partenza da Infopoint in 1° Maggio, Udine


Lancio del Concorso Premio Udine Design Week / launch Udine Design Week Award

si può votare solo online sul profilo / vote online only / FB del MuDeFri

da Sabato 5 marzo ore 16.00 fino alle 16.00 del 15 marzo 2022

(consultare la mappa per gli indirizzi / check on the site map)


Premio Udine Design Week

Domenica 20 marzo 2022

ore 16.00 Gallerie del Progetto / Architecture and Design Galleries / 

Palazzo Morpurgo Valvason


Eventi consultabili sul profilo / check all events in / FB MuDeFri 


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