Udine Design Week 24’s theme, FUTURE ANTERIORE, was plastically expressed by the comparison between a vintage FIAT 500 and a NUOVA 500, demonstrating how an object can be redesigned, re-proposed, re-examined in terms of shape, ergonomics, sustainability, maintaining its identity.

FIAT 500 was designed by the engineer Dante Giacosa, who was responsible for other iconic cars such as the Topolino and the 126. Between 1957 and 1977 the FIAT 500 sold five million units, of which 600,000 are still in circulation. In 2007 a NUOVA 500 was launched on the market with features and performance suited to contemporary times. Today it is electric with interiors made of sustainable materials such as recycled polycarbonate for the front grille, rims and mirror caps; eco-chrome paint for the bodywork; recycled polyester for interior fabrics.