Wood, iron, stone, glass, plastic, neoprene, sponge: these are all industrial materials that are more suited to architecture and design rather than to a traditional idea of jewelry. Lodovica Fusco's creations move away from the world of goldsmith craftsmanship to enter the world of design.

‘When creating, I try to go to this ideal, unreachable island. It represents my idea of perfection, what I want to be.’
Lodovica Fusco


Born in Trieste in 1985, after studying from DAMS, she created her brand "The Complotto", a line of computer-designed and laser-cut accessories. In 2012, she launched her other jewelry line, COLLANEvrosi, characterized by the use of unconventional materials.

Fish for Breakfast’, PVC and neoprene ruff; 2014.

‘Wood Mood’ necklace, COLLANEvrosi; 2015

For the creation of this object Ludovica Fusco used birch plywood, working it with luthiers’ techniques - modeling it with water and heat.

Necklace from ‘Northlands’ collection, COLLANEvrosi; 2017

The entire collection is a memory of a trip to Scandinavia. Branches and concrete stones were shaped in silicone casts and tied to wooden elements with brass inserts.

Neckless from ‘Sea Bed’ collection, COLLANEvrosi; 2017

‘Sea Bed’ is a collection that represents summer’s seabed and its creatures. For this reason, in addition to brass and wood, there is a natural element, which is a dyed marine sponge.