‘If you do it right, it will last forever.’ Lella Vignelli

Daughter of Provino Valle and sister of Gino Valle, both architects from Udine, Elena Valle (Udine, 1934 - New York, 2016) graduated in architecture. In 1958 she got a scholarship to the Architecture School of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1957 she married designer   Massimo Vignelli, with whom she first founded a studio in Milan and then, in 1971, the "Vignelli Associati" in New York, where she dealt with product design, interior design and graphic design.

Glass crockery set, manufactured by Heller, 1970


Marble and glass table, manufactured by Castigliani, 1979

Triennale di Milano, Women in Italian Design (2016-2017), Donne Designer in Friuli Venezia Giulia

‘Handkerchief’ chair, manufactured by Knoll, 1982


Silver jewellery, manufactured by San Lorenzo, 1972


‘Saratoga’ collectionmanufactured by Poltronova, 1964

Saratoga, lella Vignelli, MuDeTo

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Lella Vignelli, Domus

Addio a Lella Vignelli, Icon Design

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Morta Lella Valle Vignelli, icona del design moderno, Messaggero Veneto

Design by: Lella Vignelli, Massimo Vignelli, New York, 2014