Cristina Celestino's approach to design is based on a colorful and rigorously handmade storytelling perspective.

This perspective, which is all about the research of materials and the artisanal soul of products, is deeply rooted in Friuli, where craftsmanship is the art of doing.

Born in 1980 in the city of Pordenone, Cristina Celestino is an architect. The year 2009 was the turning point in her career: indeed, she moved to Milan, where she founded Attico Design, which produces lamps and furniture characterized by the meticulous research of materials and shapes. Her work ranges from special editions for exclusive design and fashion brands to projects for interior design.

A shot of Cristina Celestino and her projects in terracotta tiles ‘Giardino all'Italiana’ and ‘Gonzaga’ for Fornace Brioni.
(ph. M. Balsamini; 2017)

Armchair ‘'Calatea’, Pianca; 2017
(ph. B. Brancato)

‘The happy room’, Fendi, designMiami; 2016


Collection of ceramic and porcelain ‘Plumage’, BottegaNove; 2016
(ph. M. Balsamini)


Collection of lamps ‘Babette’, Torremato; 2017
(ph. M. Balsamini)

‘The decoration is the enrichment and the articulation of a project.’
Cristina Celestino