Marco Galante e Riccardo Mazzetti, Italy, 2009
manufacturer / brand

Tarta Design, Pasian di Prato (Ud - Italy)

Ergonomic backrest, flexible and elastic, but also compact, adaptable, breathable, lightweight yet durable, designed in a modular fashion so that they can be built and customized on the structure of the specific person asking for it. The Tarta system is designed primarily to improve the posture of disabled people in wheelchairs, paying particular attention to all their needs, then bringing this experience in different fields of application in everyday life. Some examples made over the application in wheelchairs are office chairs, relaxing chairs and a comfortable way to the sofa or chair. The materials are in fact designed for maximum performance, the harmonic steel used inside of the vertebrae satisfies the natural movements of the person leaving freedom of movement while still maintaining a perfect ergonomic support.


From Passons to Rio de Janeiro: the images of hi-tech backrest that Tarta Design created for the Paralympics, held in Rio in September 2016, have been going around the world. Involuntary but exceptional testimonials of the 'made in Udine', were about thirty athletes from around the world. There would be no better way to communicate and share the Tarta Design philosophy: which is 'design for all' targeting disabled and non-disabled, children and the elderly, athletes and hard work in the office ... A suivre.