Totem bookshelf

Steel frame,

sheet metal and wooden shelves,

textile covered back panel.

cm. 230 X 45 X 30.

Round base on the floor and joint that allows to adjust the tilt.

“Ready-to-wear or prêt-à-porter represents the transition from made to measure or bespoke clothing to factory-made clothing, sold in finished condition, in standardized sizes." (Wikipedia)

This concept appropriately applies to the bookcase designed by Beppe Rokko, as only a few pieces have been manufactured, but it was conceived for mass-production. Moreover, the Italian translation of the name, “ready to be carried”, wants to give the idea of an object you can easily remove and carry somewhere else together with your favourite books and items.

One of the features of Prêt-à-Porter  is the floor-to-wall support, solved by a stem with a circular base. Between base and stem  there is a joint which allows the adjustment of the tilt.
Some handlebars, with final hose-like gaskets, as handlebar grips, are welded to the stem and partially hidden by a plywood backrest, which is covered with fabric. Shelves hag from handlebars. They are made of solid wax-finished wood, with L-shaped front end, and holded by two shaped and folded sheet metal elements.

Prêt-à-Porter is a quite complex object, not easy to be manufactured. It has been designed to detail and accurately produced: an original expression of design culture and fine craftmanship.

The bookshelf leans against the wall.

Detail of the connection between sheet metal bracket and shelf.

Detail of the shelf and its metal bracket hanging from the "handlebar".