Simona Martino, Andrea Giacomelli, Irene Beltrame, Italy, 2015

manufacturer / brand

Craftabile, Udine

We are ‘archigiani’ (architects + crafts) of the Montessori education” - so they define themselves the three young entrepreneurs of the Udine start-up Craftabile. They create educational materials for schools and families inspired by the pedagogical thinking of Maria Montessori. Their project: an all-Italian production, craft and personalised. Objective achieved thanks to new technologies that allow them to deal with the series as a single piece. The proposals in the catalogue are organised into four groups: sensory materials, language, mathematics, and ... for the cosmic education!

Made in 3D and hand finished, the Craftabile games are designed, manufactured and distributed in a sustainable manner. A concept developed after Montessori’s era, but which is fitting well in the thought of the great pedagogue.