Beech wood chair, plain lathed legs, shells made of glulam


Manufactured by Calligaris


Front and side views with dimensions,  drawn by Calligaris design department.

Mondo is an extremely comfortable chair, tangible expression of Pasquinelli's attention to the "sitting". Curves of seat and backrest, their perfect incline instinctively leads the user to the action of sitting. It is the result of a conscious design process.

When Mauro Pasquinelli talks about "his curves" he refers to a series of curvilinear tools he fine tuned along the years, which allow him to accurately define his chairs ergonomics.

Essence of Mauro Pasquinelli design work is the absence of visible connections between the legs, a feature which implies an accurate study of the connection between the frame and the seat/backrest, in order to assure the chair stability and firness.

Hand drawn renders by Mauro Pasquinelli, to show different possible finishings.