Manufactured by Tisettanta

Dismantable wooden chair with metal joint.


Modular furniture

Manufactured by Carnevali e Ricci

Mauro Pasquinelli  was born August 27, 1931 in Scandicci (Florence). As a boy attended the workshop of his father - craftsman in Florence - learning the art of cabinet-making. He studied at the Art Institute of Florence with professor Enzo Gori, graduating in 1951. In the early 60s he won several design competitions organized by the Fiera di Trieste which highlighted his qualities of measured and watchful designer.

He began his career as a designer at the end of the fifties, working with a number of Friulian companies.  Since then he has been designing  for over four decades, mainly in the Chair Triangle where it is still recognized as a master of the contract and domestic furniture made in wood. He investigated this timeless material of mysterious charm and  designed several successful seatings in terms both of form and comfort.

Along his career Pasquinelli participated to several exhibitions and won prizes and awards. Among them: 1966, Continental Table Glassware Design, Owens-Illinois Inc., Toledo, Ohio, USA; 1969, Special Award, La Rinascente Competition, Mia Monza Abet-Print, Plastic Laminate in Interior design; 1979, Selection Compasso d'oro; 1980, ADI Milan - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara Italian exhibition design; 1981, Competition  at Udine Exhibitions, An Italian chair for Europe; 1981, Honorable Mention, Bio 9 Ljubljana;  1985, Udine Chair International Exhibition, A comparison between US-European: five designers; 1991, Selection Compasso d'oro; 1997, Udine Chair International Exhibition, Design is progress; 1998, shows in Udine with the high Patronage of ICSID International Council of Societies of Industrial Design; 1999, shows Neo Com in Köln (D) and Chicago (USA); 2000 Catas Award.


La Rinascente

Modular furniture.



Manufactured by Pallavisini




Manufactured by  Potocco


Clothes hangers.