You can become Design Friend and a MuDeFri’s partner buying a space in the Friends of Design page from Museo del Design del Friuli Venezia Giulia. The company logo will be published for the agreed time span. MuDeFri reserves the right  to use a square or rectangular module according to the company logo shape and the "Friends of Design” page general layout. MuDeFri ensures visibility to the Design Friend through its website and the social media related to it, especially the Facebook fan page. As part of events, festivals and other opportunities for interaction with the public or the community of reference, the Design Friend will be specifically appointed as sponsor of the activities. If such activities are preceded or accompanied by publications on paper or other medium, MuDeFri will take care of including the Design Friend’s figurative mark's or a corresponding lettering to properly let know or understandable the role he plays as sponsor.


n.1 DESIGN FRIEND BANNER MODULE  12 months – 500,00 €*


n.2 DESIGN FRIEND BANNER MODULES 12 months – 900,00 €*


n.3 DESIGN FRIEND BANNER MODULES12 months – 1.400,00€*


n.4 DESIGN FRIEND BANNER MODULES 12 months – 1.900,00€*


n.5 DESIGN FRIEND BANNER MODULES 12 months – 2.400,00 €*


*V.A.T. when appliable is not included in the above rates.


Other combinations or parts of one module can be required (minimum ¼ of a module). The rate will be calculated in proportion to the specific need.

The images are indicative, the graphic preview will be submitted for approval before publishing.