Beech wood chair, with solid wood legs and glulam shells


Manufactured by Calligaris


Drawing created by Mauro Pasquinelli for our exhibition. As standard part of his design process he always tested his projects by personally producing one or more models, in scale 1:1, and following then, step by step, the necessary variations for the product industralisation.

Inspired by the static principle of the parabolic springs used in the suspension systems of heavy vehicles, the structural coupling of the double wooden arc avoids the use of supports under the seat.

Prototype manufactured by Calligaris and identified by the product code number.

Technical sheet of the chair Balestra with dimensions and some technical details including: the grafts and the hole design for the screw to secure the seat to the frame, the thickness of the back, the diameter of the legs and their degree of inclination. The sheet was compiled by Dario Del Pin, artist and designer based in Friuli, at the time employed at Calligaris’s technical office.