Simone and Mattia Cappellaro

Italy, 2015


Humanoid Company, Udine, Italy

BoBAT (Bob Alcohol Test) is a device to be integrated into cars, consisting of a small alcohol detector sensor, which can block the ignition of the vehicle monitoring - during the entire driving period - the alcohol content of the driver.

When he enters the car, BoBAT performs a test and if the response is negative, then the rate of alcohol in the blood is within the parameters of the law, the vehicle engine is turned on; if instead the alcohol content exceeds the level permitted by the regulations in force, then the vehicle is locked and some operations established at the time of installation of the system together with the user are activated, for example: an automatic call to a predetermined telephone number; a call to facilities or specialized agencies (for example, 118); if the value slightly exceeds the limit, BoBAT requires the driver to retry the test at regular intervals.

The system is integrated with a GPS system capable of locating the vehicle, in this way the location data can be used both for the rescue of the driver and, in case of theft, to trace the route taken.