Mo(n)di clickabili is an iniziative of the association UdineIdea with Liceo Scientifico G. Marinelli of Udine.


A group of students, led by prof. Mauro Croce, has visited the city searching for the shops window of Udine Design Week. Among the hundreds of shots, we chose some of them; the ones that in our mind don’t stop at the description of the contents but, more bravely, give an interpretation of them.

Students that took part in Udine Design Week:


Manuela Isabel De Ama – 1L

Annalisa Meneghini – 2M

Martina Driza – 2M

Beatrice Cecotti Esposto – 2M

Andreas Corjuc – 3D

Alessandro Castiglione – 3O

Lucia Agu – 3O

Francesca Caon – 3O

Enrico Domeneghini – 3O

Giuditta D’Odorico – 4C

Lisa Cleber – 4C

Federica Taverriti – 4C

Laura Scaramella – 4G

Sandra Alisa Maftei – 5E

Filippo Guadagnini – 5F