Starman Cosmic Collection

Diesel Living with Seletti


Bortolin Gioielli



Astronauts that become lamps or vases, realized in noble materials such as refined porcelain, or technological as natural resin. Anyway, here a vase is not only a vase, and a lamp is not only a lamp but a light in the cosmic dark. The astronaut shows the way in a trip towards infinity in the umpteenth human attempt to reach and overcome their limits.



Different degrees of freedom.

Homage to Ugo La Pietra


Work by Dennis Rakar

and original documents

edited by Martincigh Bookshop

Gallerie del Progetto, Civici Musei di Udine

Courtesy Spaziotre snc


Bahlara: elogio della discontinuità

Design E. Panzera, Prod. Faram1957, 2019


Sedia Greta, design e prod. Leyform

Sedia Little Perillo, design Martin Ballendat, prod. Züco, 2010

Modern Robot, Yoshiya, Giappone-1950’s


Private collection, Friuli Venice Julia


Bortolin Gioielli


Fruits of over thirty years of research, this collection includes toys produced from the ‘50s to the ‘70s with particular interest for the tin-toys and for making miniature replica cars; there is no shortage of wood and plastic pieces and collections inside the collection, such as the one dedicated to the character of Pinocchio. The space race of the second half of the past century has marked the gold age of science fiction making young and old dream. If at the time filmmaking, literature and visual arts were full of away worlds and technological and mechanical creatures, the toy industry was as good such that, with the production restarted after the second world war, it discovered new frontiers. Japan indeed, under the American seizure restarted the production of Tin-Toys becoming exporter of excellence of tin toys of high quality. Futuristic Robot, colored rockets and bright flying saucers become the dream and the vehicle of every child to reach distant dimension and impossible worlds.