“Communicating Design between real and virtual World”  outlined important aspects within a current topic, such as “How to sell and “communicate design”: is it better to trust real sales only or to invest into a proper e-commerce? As all the actors involved in the distribution chain agree on the need to not only create products and develop events that may attract a real audience, but also to internationalize their perspective through a thorough communication strategy and a proper e-commerce, the  question is whether these two aspects may or may not be convergent in the future. Secondly, shop owners may ask themselves how it is possible for them to attract buyers with a medium-high purchasing power, whereas E-commerce developers, as well as professionals may reflect on how to stir emotions through a screen. With us Patrizia Moroso, Roberta Mutti,Patrizia Scarzella,Alessandro Paderni, Roberto Ranon, Gianpiero Scauzilli and Fabio Passon.

Designer Women born in Friuli Venezia Giulia, previously selected by the Triennale in Milan for the exhibition and book “Women in Italian Design (2016-2017)”: Lella Vignelli, Gae Aulenti, Cristina Celestino, Monica Graffeo, Anna Aurora Lombardi, Paola Paronnetto, Neera Gatti, Gertrudi Muller Patriarca, Elisa Gargan Giovannoni.

In addition, the Museum of Design of Friuli Venezia Giulia has launched a further research on women designers in FVG. Indeed, as of today, we have found many more than the ones selected by the Triennale: Luisa Morassi Bernardis, Marina Cons, Barbara Fornasir, Emanuela Marassi, Lodovica Fusco, Antonella Pizzolongo, Cinzia Cumini, Daniela Sacher, Mara Picco, Beatrice Macor, Laura Ellero, Carola Rodolfi Kuball, Francesca Petricich, Sonia Passone, Simona Martino, Federica Novelli, Micol Brezigar, Olimpia Aveta, Maria Grazia Borgnolo, Antonella Oliana, Lara Carrer, Sorelle Cautero, Mara Squalizza, Chiara Moro, Laura Piani, Concetta Giannangeli, Karmelina Martina. These women are architects, designers, artisans. MuDeFri’s research is a brand new census record. The objects of some of these talents were exhibited at Make Spazio Espositivo and at the Galleria La Loggia.