Some of the characteristics of the models manufactured after 1908 by the Società Antonio Volpe were attributed for years to another Austrian firm.

After a remarkable job of research and data collection, the real story of the Società Antonio Volpe and the distinctive approach of Max Fabiani can be fully and loyally narrated.











Cover of Società Antonio Volpe’s catalogue (1992), representation of the rocking chair n. 269 (1921)

Chair n. 289 (circa 1910).

Page of Società Antonio Volpe’s catalogue with multiple illustrations of the chair n. 289.

The cradle, model n.80 (circa 1921), was exhibited at the Milan Fair in April 1923.

It is in mahogany tinged beech, adorned with red voile. It is described, in the local magazines Patria del Friuli e Giornale di Udine, as “so beautiful that it is superfluous to have children for buying one”.