societÀ antonio volpe, 

Back to the origins of Italian design

Reports of the Società Antonio Volpe have been erased, hidden or forgotten for years. However, at the turn of the 20th Century in the city of Udine, which was then located on the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, an industrial experience of excellence and modernity has flourished and left a legacy for the years to come. One example is the rocking egg chair n. 267. Once attributed to Joseph Hoffmann, the chair is nowadays ascribed to Max Fabiani. The history of the innovative Società Antonio Volpe, as well as its  pioneering curved wood production, with the rocking egg chair n. 267 as an example of it, are outlined in this exhibition by Giovanni Renzi, one of the World's leading experts in curved wood production and Viennese style furnishing, and by Manuela Lombardi Borgia, co-author of the book pertaining to the Società Antonio Volpe.

Anything, whether an object or an individual, can only be the result of all the energies that  have contributed to its creation. In that sense, “that” anything is accomplished and perfect. Apparent irregularities or shortcomings are nothing more than elements of its personal features.