TogetheRoad - Training Stories

23 July 2019

Vivaldo is getting ready. The day before yesterday, he planned a 400 km route from Udine to Lake Garda. At night, however, a landslide had to stop him, near the road at the Borcola Pass after 190km. He made the 300 kilometers by walking around Rest Pass, Mauria Pass, Longarone, Erto. In Pordenone, however, he was surprised by an incredible rainstorm: water up to the ankles, bearings out of use, bicycles in repair. We asked him about his equipment and his diet. The forms is 3 kg in all: sleeping bag, mattress, winter gloves, waterproof jacket, medication, gauze, wet towels, thermal shirt. Solar Cream, Autan and Retino, fundamental against the special Scottish mosquito nets. Then power bank, essential repairs tools, an air chamber, bicycle nozzles. As for the diet, he says he's going to need 7,000 calories a day. He will eat 2 kg of yogurt every day and sandwiches, avoiding sugars. He's going shopping in supermarkets down the road. On a bicycle, of course.

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