The second stage: Ivrea/Olivetti/ the rule against passive smoking

27 July 2019


by Luca Di Benedetto


At the end of the meeting with the competitors, when the GPS was delivered and the rules of the trip explained, Vivaldo started his journey. 4600Km to go, many emotions in body and many km of reserve in the legs. In the first day he passed through the extreme northern offshoot of the Italian peninsula, from Torino to Aosta, until he reached Switzerland through the San Bernardino Pass. After crossing the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, Vivaldo arrived in Payerne, one step closer to France, which was the following country to cross. Between the cities crossed there is Ivrea, a district of Piedmont recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its illustrious industrial past. During the twentieth century a new industrial centre developed in the city, and the Olivetti typewriter factory was established in 1908. The theme of Olivetti has been associated with the second rule of cancer prevention elaborated by the IARC. The rule of the day is:


2. Avoid the passive smoking both at home and at work.


Sara De Barba was inspired by the idea of the “back to zero”, in reference to the editorial field that however supports also the habit of smoking, in order to just allow the cart of the typewriter to give the cigarettes the cut.

In the photo there is the Olivetti headquarters in Ivrea.

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