MuDeFri and LILT Udine together for cancer prevention

22 July 2019

The Museum of Design in Friuli Venezia Giulia, together with LILT Udine, will follow the third edition of the uncompetitive North Cape 4000 Unsupported Bicycle/Live Event Adventure contest: from Turin to North Cape by bike, crossing nine nations, 25 cities, over a distance of more than 4,600 kilometers, from 27 July to 10 August 2019  . Why? Because among the 145 young people participating from 30 different nations is Vivaldo Lleshi, a design student who decided to challenge himself and, more importantly, carry a two-fold message: spread the 12 rules of the European code against cancer and talk about design. How? Through a project developed together with about 20 students from ISIA, Rome, including Luca Di Benedetto, Alessandro Colaetta and Luca Martignon: a supporting group (as metaphorical as it is) to Vivaldo’ solo pedaling called- not by chance- TogetheRoad. Each of the most important stages match one or more rules for cancer prevention developed by the IARC and an unprecedented design travel route. The project points out lesser-known museums dedicated to this topic and study cases linked to outstanding designers or local companies that promoted the project’s culture.


Vivaldo Lleshi's journey will be followed live through the digital camera on his bike, whose images will be posted on our social profiles: a twelve-part date focusing on design tourism, in order to  highlights the twelve rules recommended by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

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