MuDeFri as the forerunner of online Museums

21 April 2020

The Museum of Design of Friuli Venezia Giulia is online since 2016. Its storytelling asks only to be shared.

While the ministerial instructions oblige us to stay at home in order to limit the spread of Covid-19, the online exhibitions increase their offer: art galleries, museums and places of heterogeneous artistic interest propose everyday a new virtual itinerary. Before the exciting and fervent increase in demand, MuDeFri already accompanied its visitors in the several “rooms” since 4 years ago. The virtual Museum of Design in Friuli Venezia Giulia is a project made in a border region slightly out of the traditional routes of national and international tourism, the clamor of gossip and the limelight, which is, despite of this, a hotbed of entrepreneurial excellences with innovative production strategies. Last year, the European Commission defined Friuli Venezia Giulia as the most innovative region in Italy and one of the most innovative compared to the European average in the Regional Innovation Index (

The online exhibitions, displayed by browser typing the URL

are the tangible evidence that innovation is the hallmark of this website: a real model of web museum curatorship, which is mindful of the peculiarities of the media itself, builds on the web its path and its narration and brings us again into an art gallery or a museum not in the same way as a video or a sequence of images.

Not only the design of the furniture, but also stories of innovative materials, highly unknown curiosities and part of the great Italian industrial history.

The MuDeFri is an online place where the storytelling is the narrative mode used to spread of the culture of this project and accompanies you in worlds you never thought you’d find in Friuli. There you can find information about the varied world of the Women of Design and discover the fiberglass or the history of Moroso, which is illustrated in a totally new way. The great Moroso family has left indelible marks in the history of international design with its products and its “companions of adventure” (many experienced and elite designers).

Design is a niche but strategic topic with an increasing group of loyal visitors and new entries at every event linked to the research and promotion activities of the project. In the last two, almost three years, there have been 17.211 visitors from over 100 world countries, thanks to the English version of the website and the curiosity of its focused path. The most exciting fact is that the time spent on a page is about three minute and every user visits 4 pages per session. Another significant data is also the increase in views in the last 4 months: 24% more than last year in the same period, a show of appreciation and engagement.

As the inventor of the Museum of Design of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Anna Aurora Lombardi, says: “After successfully curating more than 40 exhibitions, I realized that digital could be a great opportunity to rethink exhibitions in a modern way. With the MuDeFri we planted a seed to ensure that the culture of design is first told and finally enjoyed  in a simple and appealing way, in order to become a common heritage to recognize and be proud of. This seed is now growing and more and more realities are finding on this path the opportunity of connection between the company and territory, in a virtuous circuit of interests and common growth.”


MuDeFri is a project characterized by a significant cultural value, that’s why it is part of the incubation program of the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia POR FESR 2014-2020.

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