Design Direction: UDW 2020

29 February 2020

Francesca Maiorana and Tommaso Piani 


Participants in the fourth edition of Udine Design Week were invited to reflect upon the subject Naturalmente artificiale / Artificialmente naturale (Naturally artificial / Artificially natural). These - architects, designers, companies and shops - accepted the challenge set by MuDeFri to bring design into the heart of the city’s cultural life through the organisation of events, meetings and shop windows based on this year’s design theme. 

This year MuDeFri is collaborating with the Group of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Udine to showcase design excellence, local and otherwise, to a wider audience, where quality and functionality form an intrinsic feature of the product from design and planning right through to production. And so whilst strolling through the city, people will be able to discover design creations in shop windows that echo shapes found in nature, cardboard furnishing items, hydroponic gardens, jewels that turn out to be alive and much more.


The shop windows will not only form the display cabinets of an open-air museum. Nine shops are also taking part in the Window Shopping Contest to contend the prize for best shop window. Architects have been allocated to each shop and have designed and developed their projects in conjunction with the nine retail companies. You can vote your favourite shop windows on the MuDeFri Facebook page!


Udine Design Week is also much more: exhibitions, installations and meetings with experts in the design world. The complete programme of all events can be found on the website. The event is in fact going ahead despite the Coronavirus outbreak. The duration of the exhibitions and installations has been extended and the events will be stretched out over the coming weeks to enable everyone to experience them in compliance with recent regional safety measures put in place. 


Udine’s design exhibition is therefore going ahead, and is sending a message of confidence, a positive sign for the economy, by promoting industrial culture, and in particular design, with a keen eye also on the concept of sustainability.


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