Led by Marco A. Attisani, at this moment the Watly team involves 20 people. The management team is composed of 6 people with different backgrounds. The management board counts with a committed team of experts in the different relevant areas: marketing and communication, web design, industrial and electronic engineering.  Watly has been selected among the top start-ups in different competitions and accelerators. The company won several awards.

Awards & grants

Watly won several awards. The 2015 was 'magic', to name a few awards: won the 'Wildcard for European Pioneers', London; it ranked among the Top 13 start-up at the European Pioneer in Berlin; it entered in the shortlist of 5 finalists in the Marzotto Prize of Vicenza. Pilots and product development were made possible by a combination of private funding and approximately 1.5 million euros in funding from Horizon 2020 - SME Instrument: - approved in Phase 1, January 2015 (grant 50.000€); - approved in Phase 2, August 2015 (grant 1.500.000 €).

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