Founder: Marco A. Attisani 


Team: Led by Marco A. Attisani, at this moment the Watly team involves 20 people, experts in the different relevant areas: marketing and communication, web design, industrial and electronic engineering.


Locations: Two locations in Italy. Near Udine there is the creative team (design, development, etc.) while in Bari, the spaces specifically tailored by Primiceri SpA host the entire mechanical engineering area. In Spain there is the administrative headquarters and an important relationship with the European Space Agency (ESA), where is developing the automatic landing system for drones on future Watly 4.0 units.


Industry: Primiceri SpA of Bari is Watly's industrial partner.

Watly is a company with offices in Italy and Spain, whose objective is to provide solutions to some of the fundamental and global human needs: access to clean water and sanitation, free energy and connectivity. Their mission is to improve global living standards for the most in-need people in the world, people who do not yet have access to the fundamental pillars of modern civilization. The company creates technological solutions powered by clean and renewable energies. They respect and protect the Earth’s ecosystem. They are conceived through innovative design and unconventional engineering approach.

The company has developed the Watly 3.0® unit with the goal of providing a solution for fast, simple and efficient wastewater treatment and energy supply in developing and/or remote regions. During the last months the company has been gaining greater and greater momentum. There is a huge interest from potential customers around the world, ranging from the public sector, schools, hospitals, big corporations and NGOs. They have been in contact with some African governments, which are budgeting large investments for solving their water and electricity issues. These countries are seriously considering renewable energy as key solutions.



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